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Minify Docker Image and Generate Security Profiles.

Keep doing what you are doing. No need to change anything. Use the base image you want. Use the package manager you want. Don't worry about hand optimizing your Dockerfile. Don't worry about manually creating Seccomp and AppArmor security profiles.

$ head -n 1 Dockerfile FROM ubuntu:14.04   $ docker images my/sample-node-app REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE my/sample-node-app latest 31be09316a19 4 minutes ago 432MB   $ docker-slim build my/sample-node-app docker-slim[build]: state=started docker-slim[build]: info=params target=my/sample-node-app continue.mode=enter docker-slim[build]: state=inspecting.image docker-slim[build]: state=inspecting.container docker-slim[build]: info=container ... target.port.list=[32908] target.port.info=[8000/tcp =>] docker-slim[build]: info=prompt message='press <enter> when you are done using the container' docker-slim[build]: state=http.probe.starting docker-slim[build]: info=http.probe.call status=200 method=GET target= attempt=1 error=none docker-slim[build]: state=http.probe.done docker-slim[build]: state=processing docker-slim[build]: state=building message='building minified image' docker-slim[build]: state=completed docker-slim[build]: info=results status='MINIFIED BY 30.88X [432330078 (432 MB) => 14002579 (14 MB)]' docker-slim[build]: info=results image.name=my/sample-node-app.slim image.size='14 MB' data=true   $ docker images my/sample-node-app.slim REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE my/sample-node-app.slim latest b72b685be7fe 1 minute ago 14 MB

For more details about DockerSlim see the Github page.

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