Latest Version - 1.39.0

The 1.37.x, 1.38.x and 1.39.x releases add an experimental docker-compose support for the build command. See the release CHANGELOG for more details.

Join the Gitter channel or the Discord server if you have any questions, ideas or any kind of feedback.

If you already have docker-slim installed use the update command to get the latest version: docker-slim update

Slim.AI SaaS

Powered by DockerSlim. It will help you understand and troubleshoot your application containers and a lot more. If you use the xray command you'll want to try the SaaS. Understanding image changes is easy with its container diff capabilities. Connect your own registry and you can do the same with your own containers. Try it here without installing anything locally.


Install the executables in a directory included in your system's PATH. You can get the experimental ARM32 and ARM64 packages from the github page. The M1 Mac OSX build is also on github